What if people who have anxiety are just unaccustomed to the way the world works because this is the first incarnation of their soul on the earth? And confident people are at ease with the world because they have already been incarnated multiple times and, in a sense, already know how the world works.


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Do you ever remember that someone amazing is following you and your last 100 reblogs flash before your eyes.

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Anonymous said: How do you come up with the accompaniment for a song? It's hard!!


Why yes it is pretty darn hard, I can agree with that! Well, lemme think about how to explain it…

I almost always write the melody first, without accompaniment. Then what I do is grab my guitar and sing the melody while just trying out random chords until I find a chord that feels right, and I keep repeating the process until I’ve got an entire chord progression. Usually I have a sort of rythm already figured out in my head before I start writing the accompaniment.

Basically, writing accompaniment is all about having an ear for what sounds right. Basically, in most songs ever, the reason the melody/accompaniment go together and sound nice to us is because the notes of the melody can be found in the chord they’re being sung to. If you’re not really on top of music theory, that might sound like a little bit complicated, but really, you can just hear when a chord sounds right. Likewise, you can hear when it sounds wrong. When you write accompaniment, you just have to listen and feel around and sort of hear the sound you want it to have in your head. it’s the sort of thing you kind of have to practice in order to get good at it, but then you get better quite fast.

Since I started writing songs, I’ve started paying closer attention to the chord structures in every song I listen to. You start to recognize popular chord structures - probably the most popular being C, D, Amin, G (and key variations thereupon) - and you start to get a feel of whic chords go with what and what they sound like. 

Really, the answer here is just… practice at it, and know a lot of chords on whatever instrument it is that you’re playing. That’s important. If you want, you can start off with some popular chord progressions - like the one I mentioned up there - and go off of that, for some practice. You’ll be able to hear what sounds right and what doesn’t.

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This is Kylie Renee. 

She is 8 years old, and waiting on a multi-organ transplant for her small intestine, liver, and pancreas. Basically, she is missing one of these organs and the other two are no longer functioning within her body and she needs to have them replaced with working organs. 

When she was born, her small intestine was twisted, and she had to have it removed. When she was 18months old, she received a small intestine transplant and lived with it for around 3 1/2 years, before her body rejected it and she had to have it removed. Since then, she has had to live without a small intestine on a nutritional supplement (meaning she doesn’t eat regular food, she’s fed by IV), which is currently destroying both her liver and her pancreas. She recently reached the top of the active transplant list for the three organs she needs, meaning that if a match of the organs she needs comes up, she has top priority to receive them. 

Kylie’s mother is a single mother and a very close friend to the family. She has more children than just Kylie, and as you can imagine, medical expenses are large with a medical condition like this. Medical bills, travel costs (they live 900 miles away from her transplant hospital), and living expenses make up the overall cost of everything that goes into this. When Kylie eventually transplants, she will have to stay in the hospital for at least a year in recovery, which will add significantly to the cost when the time comes. It’s going to be a pretty penny to pay, and they’re already struggling financially as the conditions surrounding Kylie’s situation worsen.

So, recently (as in within the past few days), some events that cannot currently be disclosed took place, and now Kylie and her family need emergency funds to sustain Kylie’s current medical progress. Her mother has a GoFund account set up for donations for the expenses needed. Their current goal is $2000, and they only have $300 as of right now. Any extra donations past $2000 will also be greatly helpful. They are in serious need of anything they can get at the moment, so please, I ask you tumblr to help with this.

Even if you donate only $5, that’s fine! If 500 people donate a mere $5 each, that’s $2500, well over the goal they’re trying to reach. Again, here’s the link to the GoFund account set up for Kylie: 

GoFund is PayPal friendly.

Please, please, please donate if you can. Any amount will help.

And even if you can’t donate, please reblog this and spread the word. The situation at the moment needs urgent attention. 


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cronus likes them for their personalities

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rule #47837482130 of tumblr

if ur australian everyone automatically likes u 

except the kiwis we can see right through your bullshit

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You leave Middle Earth alone, Australia, or we’ll recolonize you.



But Muuuuuuum

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